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Subject Matter Experts

We develop innovative, sustainable solutions to answer our client's most complicated challenges.

Our mission is to provide input where it is needed at the time it is needed for a successful project.

What We Do


Project Design

From the start of front end engineering we become an integral team member and assist in answering all the 'what if' questions. 

How large is the right size module to develop conceptual engineering?  What are our limitations for this specific project?


Subject Matter Expert

In all project phases the Management team tests the design concept with input from experts - from design to final execution and start-up.  This input from a cold eye review helps develop confidence which offers a working solution to push forward.


Site Evaluation

In early project planning we lead the project by obtaining current route study for module delivery which provides key information to carry forward with design development.


Engineering Consulting

Acting as SME for Engineering companies we offer knowledge based answers to keep your projects moving forward with confidence.  


Cost Modeling

Cost is a driving factor in decision making. By obtaining the correct input for the cost model you are able make key decisions to move the project forward through the assurance process.



We work closely with the construction managers early in the design process, leading constructability workshops to ensure all have a voice for a the success of a constructable project. 

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